Am I Suffering From Energy Leaks?

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Straight up- we are energetic beings choosing a human body experience.

What does this mean? Spiritually, we're beautiful balls of pure energy that have jumped into our bodies to experience different lifetimes for the sake of our soul's development.

Scientifically, there are trillions of cells inside our bodies, each with it's own distinct aura. These cells have energetically merged together to form your own unique aura, aka your energetic body.

This is what makes us all different from each other, and the bigger reason behind why we are all attracted to different things. Our energy is literally working magnetically for us every single day. The coolest part? Our brains can manipulate all of it! When we connect with our energetic body, we have the ability to put our energy to work to heal ourselves, others, and to adjust our vibration.

An imbalance of energy inside of your body can effect your immune system, turn into subtle ailments and in the long run, eventually transform into disease or illness. This is why so many people have found answers through energy work, prayer or the law of attraction. They have simply figured out a way to direct their energy outward and put it to work for their greater good.

Once we learn to recognize that everything is made up of energy, we can start to realize the connection between us and every other living thing on this planet. We genuinely attract the people around us, simply by vibrating at a certain level. If you pay attention to the cycles in your life, you will notice that certain people come and go based on the purpose they are serving you at that time and the vibes you're putting out there.

If you're in a toxic place where all you want to do is gossip and talk poorly of others or yourself, then that's exactly what your friends are going to do with you, or feed into by giving you things to gossip about.

However, when you're high-vibing and living in the ebb and flow of the cycles of life, you will notice that you will attract opportunities and people who are there to encourage or motivate you. You will simply cut out all the rest because you will have no desire to fuel that toxic energy anymore.

With that being said, we all experience energy leaks by giving power to people, places and things that are not good for us. How do you know if you're doing this? You'll feel it. These things will annoy, frustrate, upset or bother you in some way.

Here are some examples of energy leaks...

Toxic friends or relatives who keep showing up at your door and are always in need of you. You constantly open yourself up to them with reassurance, advice, or anything that they need and then they simply walk out your door and leave you feeling drained. Or even worse, they leave and continue to repeat their toxic cycle and contribute more to your frustration each time they do.

A messy home. When you can't easily navigate your home and don't feel like you can relax due to constant clutter or unsanitary conditions, you lose energy from an internal battle of trying to oversee these conditions.

A toxic job. This one is super fucking hard, because we rely on our jobs so heavily. But this is also where we spend most of our lives, literally. If we are working for toxic people or doing something every single day that hurts us inside, we are draining our energy, fast. But the good news is that I'm not going to tell you to quit that toxic job because I get it, bills don't pay themselves. I'm just going to give you some energetic tips that can help you at the end of your work day (see below).

Holding onto something that no longer serves you. As I write this, I know that I am doing it right now with something that is no longer for me... Even worse, I'm actually paying for it annually and just fueling my leak. But here we are! I get it. If you're holding on to something for the wrong reasons, such as: status, ego, worry, guilt, or just because you're too afraid to let it go... Then this is your message to let it go. Releasing it is going to leave energetic room in your life for something new that actually vibes with you.

Repeating past traumas and negative experiences over and over in our heads. When we continuously choose to focus on the past, our bodies can't differentiate between the thought of it and our reality. Our heartrate increases and it feels like we are experiencing it all over again. And that's because on a cellular level, you are. Seeking help and putting the work in to be able to release these experiences can help you regain your power.

By now you've probably painted a picture inside your head of where you've been leaking from. It could just be a little drip or the weight of Niagara Falls. It's different for all of us, and no matter the strength of your leak, it's something that you can fix up all by yourself.

Here are two ways you can repair your energetic leaks...

Cord Cutting.

It's exactly what it sounds like! When you give part of your energy to someone or something, there's an energetic cord attached to it. These cords are your leaks and majority of the time, when the exchange is healthy, they feel good and they actually flow in both directions, fueling your energy with positive experiences and useful information.

However, when we're draining our energy in a way that doesn't feel good to us (refer to examples above), we are leaking and it hurts. This is when we know it's time to cut the cord.

How can I cut cords? The best way to do this is through meditation because it's the most effective through strong visualization. While meditating, visualize the scene that you want to cut ties from. See it, smell it, hear it, feel it. Sit with it for as long as you need to and then visualize your attachment to this scenario through an energetic cord.

Once you can feel the energy flowing out of your body and through that cord then it means you're ready to make the cut.

Imagine yourself cutting it in a way that feels good to you, it can be with scissors, you can burn it, bite it, whatever. Make the cut and see it, smell it, hear it, and feel it happen. Then bring your awareness back to your body while knowing that you are no longer energetically attached.

Call back your energy.

This technique also works best while in a meditative state or while laying relaxed in bed. It's also exactly what it sounds like! You are taking back all of your energy that has been leaked in ways that are not helpful to you.

Visualize any energy that you depleted that day. Map out the events and see your energetic connection to people, places and things and act as a magnet to pull all of your energy back to you. Feel yourself become whole again.

Note that there are no right or wrong ways to work with this. It's all about the way you conduct your thoughts and energy. If it feels like it's working, it is! There's no rules here, you are in total control of your energetic body!

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