The Transformation of a Womxn: Feminine Archetypes:

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As Womxn, we transform through three different archetypes in our lives: The Maiden, The Mother, and The Crone. This is referred to as the Triple Goddess. It's a deity archetype that originated in Neopaganism and is celebrated as three distinct aspects being united into one being, the Womxn. It is said that the cycles of womxnhood correspond with the cycles of the moon, we wax, we peak, and we wane.

The Maiden

We begin our journey as the Maiden, this transition occurs typically around the time of menarche (first period). 

The Maiden is a creative force, she has so many ideas but lacks the patience to see things through. She plants many seeds and she looks ahead with rose colored glasses. The world is her oyster and she is here for it!

The Maiden encompasses the rebirth and rising energy of the waxing moon.

The Mother

Then as she reaches her peak, she transforms into The Mother. This transformation typically happens in her mid-late twenties.

Despite it's title, the Mother archetype does not represent reproductivity. This archetype represents a Womxn who is in command of her life. She acts and has the patience and determination to see things through. She takes the seeds that were planted by the Maiden and she nourishes them into a stable foundation. The Mother gives life to her career, home, creations, a cause she is passionate about, and most of all she knows how to care for herself.

The Mother encompasses the climax of the full moon. Her energy is full and she is in action, energetically transforming the world around her.

The Crone

Finally, as she settles into her deep knowing, she becomes the Crone. This typically happens around the time of menopause.

She is the wise womxn who is now able to celebrate the life she has created. She is the sought after guide for her family and community. She leads the generations after her on their transformation and she is loved and respected by all of those around her.

Her energy encompasses the waning of the moon. She sits comfortably in her deep knowing, and she recognizes the beauty in the cycles of life.

The Triple Goddess deity archetypes serve as a reminder that our cyclic rhythms are beautiful. These transformations allow us to become our highest selves. As time passes, we are able to look back and see the beauty in our experience and recognize that nothing is permanent.


My Uncomfortable Transitions...

With each transition comes a great deal of hardships. During my transformation into the Maiden, between the ages of 13 and 15... I was hospitalized multiple times for severe depression. I felt lost and confused and the world suddenly became such a big place with so many decisions to be made. I resisted all of it, and I wasn't able to move ahead until I convinced my inner child it was okay to step out into the new world in front of us.

Now, in my late twenties, I've finally made my transition into the Mother. I manage a home, am married, have pets, and a beautiful son. I write and create from deep within myself, I am unafraid to walk through my shadows, and I have an understanding of my core beliefs and desires. But I also know that this is still just the beginning of my journey.

For the past few years, as I've been about to walk down the aisle, move into a new home, begin a new project, or give birth to my son. I've been met with that same uncomfortable feeling. That feeling you get when you know your life is about to change forever. The fear of the transition.

My heart breaks over the loss of my inner child and the Maiden and I find myself mourning over the person I used to be. But at the same time I am overwhelmed with the pull to create the new life that I was born to live. I feel myself expanding.

The transformation is fucking uncomfortable and scary. But once we recognize it for what it is and allow ourselves to surrender and celebrate each milestone, then we can truly feel the beauty of each transformation. We can now see how each phase brought us to where we are now. And if we don't like where we are now, then we can take comfort in knowing that it's going to bring us to where we need to be.

We can't be Maidens forever and our Mother energy cannot be sustained for the rest of our lives. But look at how beautiful and magical it all is! And look at the incredible womxn in your life who have come before you. We simply would not change a damn thing about their transformations.

Let this be your reminder to surrender to the ebb and flow. Trust in the process, and celebrate your archetype. We're fucking amazing.

Womxn: The term womxn is the most recent of several alternative political spellings of the English word woman. "Womxn" is used, particularly by intersectional feminists, to avoid perceived sexism in the standard spelling and to explicitly include or foreground transgender women and nonbinary people.

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