Quick and Easy Grounding Techniques

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We hear about it all the time... being "grounded". But what does it actually mean?

Well it's pretty simple, sorta! The state of being grounded is when your energetic body connects to the Earth's energy and you feel at ease within your physical body. As Metaphysics believes, we are spiritual beings having a human body experience. Therefor, being connected to the Earth doesn't always come naturally do us.

If that's all too much for you, then let me put it this way. Being grounded is when you take all of your floaty and drifty energy and you plant it deep within the ground to feel safe, secure and supported by the Earth's big-booty Mumma energy.

So when you say all that, it kind of makes being grounded seem like a bigger thing than what we casually refer to it as on the regular.

If you're an extra floaty, easily distracted, forgetful, big dreamer, "don't look back because life is a race" kinda person like myself, then grounding is something that you could really benefit from. And it can actually be a total game changer if you make it a regular ritual. So let's explore some simple ways to do this, shall we?

Okay, so where can I do this?

Anytime, anywhere! Of course you'll find you have better results if you're sitting on the ground in a quiet, meditative space where you can focus more intently. But grounding your energy is also something you can do on an airplane, while you're driving, or even in water.

Alright, so how do I do it?

You breathe and set your intentions. Imagine you are planting all of your energy down into the Earth's core. And while you are doing this, you're getting comfy-cozy and setting up camp. While you are there you are conducting the Earth's Energy up through every inch of your body and you are connecting with it until you feel as though you are one.

What does grounding feel like?

The best way to feel it is through your breath work. When you inhale, deep, slow and strong breaths. Feel the air filling you up from the very bottom of your pelvis all the way to the top of your throat. You are breathing in bright healing energy and releasing anything harmful that you've been holding on to.

What does grounding look like?

There are many different grounding visualizations you can try! And to be honest, there are no right or wrong ones. All that matters is that what you visualize brings you the feeling of being connected with Earth Energy.

Tree Roots

Imagine tree roots seeping out through the bottom of your feet. Now these roots are digging their way deep down through the Earth's core and connecting you to Earth energy.


Visualize a waterfall pouring down through the very top of your head, through your entire body and down deep into the Earth's soil. And bam! You're connected.

Light Beam

Picture a beam of white light entering through the very top of your head and filling every inch of your body. Now watch and feel this beam of light pierce down through every spec of dirt in the Earth. Pew pew pew!


Imagine your body melting away, deep down into the Earth's core. Visualize the lava seeping through the Earth. Feel the warmth.

What's one small thing I can do everyday to feel grounded?

Just try it. Anytime, anywhere! Give yourself 1-5 minutes everyday to do your own grounding ritual. A great place to practice is in the shower each morning! Imagine your body's energy connecting with every droplet of water that hits you, and feel it drip down your body and back into the Earth's soil. Connect your energy to the water droplets. Let them bring you along for the ride!

You can stop yourself anytime you feel overwhelmed or like it's not working and focus on your breath and conduct your energy. Also, take advantage of the internet and find a guided grounding meditation!

How do I know if it's working?

Somehow, you just do! You will feel softer, lighter and warmer. You will have a feeling of comfort and connectedness to our planet. All the other shit happening around you will matter less.

Just know that your thoughts control everything. They have power over your immune system, ability to heal, the way others see you and the opportunities you attract. Grounding and any kind of energy work is based on your intentions and directing your thoughts and energy towards your end game.

Why is it such a big deal to ground myself?

Because we genuinely need to feel like we are connected to something... We need the feeling of safety, security and support. There's no Mumma more powerful than Mumma Earth to give us that ultimate feeling of love and connectedness. No matter how alone you may feel, you will always be able to connect with that one thing that is more real than anything else you can grab onto, pure-sweet Earth.

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