How to Energetically Cleanse Your Home

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Our homes are capsules of our energy and intentions. If we have a big fight with our partner, it stays there. If something traumatic happens, say hiiiiiii! If company enters, they leave a trace of their vibe behind. If we have a bad day, it collects dust. We are completely oblivious to all of the energy pooling around in our homes. And the scariest part is, we are absorbing all of that energy, whether we like it or not!

Now don't get me wrong, every single negative vibration your home has encountered isn't just building up to the point of exploding... There are certain ways that we unconsciously clear our home of negative energy on a daily basis, such as: playing our favorite music, laughing and enjoying time with loved ones, letting pets and children play, cleaning and purging, cooking our favorite meals, dancing.

But even if we use all these "vibe raisers" in our home on a daily basis, we are still always in need of some energetic home spring cleaning every now and then! Especially when we move into a new space, start a new journey, are feeling lost, or are moving on from a big argument with someone.

Here are some simple methods you can use to energetically cleanse your home!


This is one of the oldest forms of clearing negative energy used by many different cultures, but made most popular by indigenous tribes in North America.

To effectively smudge your house, you will keep your herb bundle or incense burning strong enough for a consistent flow of smoke. Then you will want to walk through each room in your house while making sure the smoke makes it's way through every corner.

While you are smudging your space, this is the best time to visualize any negative energy burning away. You can either keep all your windows closed to hold in all of the smoke until you are done, or you can leave your windows open throughout the entire process and wave the smoke out of the windows with a feather or tool of your choice, as you move through each room.

Some of the most popular herbs used for smudging are: Sage, Palo Santo (sacred wood), Myyrh, Frankincense, Sweetgrass, Lavender. Recently, there have been different opinions shared on whether or not burning sage is cultural appropriation (read more here). With any practice you do, it's always wise to educate yourself on it's history and what kind of impact it may have on someone else's culture, or even the environment.

Currently sage is being over harvested due to it's new popularity. At the end of the day, however you decide to practice and care for yourself spiritually is completely up to you, there's no rules here! But being educated and respectful will help you to spread positive energy into the world.

Sound Waves

Energy is a vibration that we cannot see. The same is to be said for sound waves! Using audio to cleanse your space is not only a quick fix, but it's also a really powerful one!

One of the most powerful sounds for clearing energy are Tibetan or Crystal singing bowls. They come in various sizes and materials that project different frequencies.

But of course, if you don't have access to a bowl. You can plug in your bluetooth speaker and listen to this audio from YouTube!


There are SO many different uses crystals can have on your home! The best thing you can do is research what kind of crystal is best for you based on what you want help with. Is it for protection? Do you want to attract love? Do you need clarity in your life?

Once you find the right crystal for you, you can place it in the room you think you would benefit the most from. Maybe you want Rose Quartz or Carnelian in your bedroom to help with your love life. Tiger's Eye in your home gym to help with motivation. Or maybe you need some Black Tourmaline at your front door to keep out negativity.

Whatever you need help with, there's a crystal for it!

(Also read What Is All The Hype Around Crystals?!)


Meditating in your space is the best way to send positive energy throughout your home.

To cleanse your space, pick a centered location in your home and meditate. While you are meditating, visualize your goals for your home and what you want it to feel like when you walk through the door.

Then when you are done, imagine a white light filling your entire home and project that light into an energetic bubble that domes over your house.

Using Your Voice

If you think your house has bad vibes. Then fucking tell it so! Confront those vibes. Walk through your home and ask any negative energy to leave. No, actually demand it and show it who's boss! Tell it that it is not welcome here and literally open the front door for it and say good-bye!

Cleansing Sprays

Make yourself a home cleansing spray! You can use water (bonus points for water that you've charged under the full moon, aka moon water), your favorite essential oils and some water friendly crystals. This spray is about you, so use whatever you want! You don't need to ask the internet here.

Any time you feel like your house needs a little energetic pick me up, you can use a few sprays of your custom potion to spruce things up!

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