A Spell to Protect Your Home from Illness

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So it looks like 2021 is here and it didn't bring along the immediate cure for Covid-19 like we all had damn well hoped it would. We're back to round two of lockdowns and let's be real, anxiety is a bit higher than normal right now.

Our biggest concern? Bringing that POS virus into our homes... So let's make sure that doesn't happen with this quick and easy spell to keep illness out of your home!

Full disclosure: as with any spell, just know that your call won't always be answered in the form of a "get rich quick scheme". It could open up the doors to some dark paths and shit might get a little messy, but having the ability to trust and know that things always happen for a reason is what will make you come out on top and feel like all of your prayers have been answered! (refer to my feedback below to know what I mean here). Let's get to it!


Your go-to Smudging Herb (preferably Sage or Palo Santo)

Black Salt (can be made by combining ground Himalayan or Sea Salt with ashes from your Smudging Herbs)

Angelica Root (protects from illness and is powerful in protection spells)

Vervain (Good for protection and purification, great when used for house blessings)

*Rosemary can be used as a substitute for either herbs (good for protection, blessings and purification)

Your favorite essential oil

Black Candle


  • Create a comfortable and sacred space with all of your supplies in the center of your home.
  • Smudge your space (either your immediate circle or your entire home, depending on the intensity you are looking for) to clear any stagnant and unwanted energy.
  • Make a blend with your black salt, herbs, and a couple drops of your favorite essential oil. (You only need a combined amount equaling a few teaspoons).
  • Light your black candle and anoint it with a pinch of your blend.
  • Meditate and imagine the heat from your candle covering your home with a warm, glowing, protective bubble. Stay in this space until you are confident that your energetic bubble has covered your entire home.
  • Speak your intentions out loud. Call in any guides you'd like to work with and ask them to keep your home free of any unwanted energies, illness or disease. Include specifics and say whatever you are feeling. Let your intuition take the lead!
  • Leave your candle burning in the center of your home and lightly sprinkle the perimeter of your main floor with your blend (you do not need to use enough to be able to see it, you just need a light dusting). Make sure to take your time and form a protective circle around your entire home. Continue to make your intentions known out loud.
  • Take the remaining mix in your blend and form a protective wall outside of your front door.
  • Return to your sacred space and give thanks while blowing out your candle. You have sealed your circle and your spell has been casted.

*You can refresh your spell anytime by diffusing the oil you chose or by lighting your anointed candle!


As all spells can be, this one might work in mysterious ways. For me personally, it actually made my entire family sick with a cold. Now I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous and as if the spell didn't work at all or backfired, but that is not true at all.

It made my entire family sick with colds leading into a week where we were going to welcome guests into our home and leave town to visit family and friends for the holidays, in the peak of the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Yeah I know, you're probably still thinking "like wtf, your spell still didn't work". But in my eyes it absolutely fucking did, because when my entire family came down with a mild cold it forced us to put a hault on our social plans and made me reevaluate how goddamn easy it actually was to spread this thing. It slapped me in the face with the biggest warning sign I ever could have asked for, and it kept out any visitors who could have potentially carried the virus and it stopped my family from leaving and becoming exposed to it like we very well could have been during this busy social time.

And in all honesty, that's exactly how spells work... The most important thing about casting them is to ask for guidance and set your intentions. In this case, my intention was to keep Covid-19 out of my home and to keep my family safe. And this was a blatant answer to my call and the only thing that would have stopped us from socializing over the holidays! The results will always look and feel different for each individual and I would love to here your feedback as well! Blessed be.

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