What Is A Retrograde?

"Holy crap, Mercury is in retrograde and the whole world is falling apart!" At least that's what we're lead to believe, but what do we know?!

What is a retrograde, and why the hell do astrologists make such a big deal about it?

Astronomers say...

Retrogrades happen when other planets are passing Earth. All planets circle around the Sun in the same direction, but we do it at different speeds which causes us to get a little bit close to each other sometimes.

When planets pass us in Retrograde, it's kind of like the effect you get when you're stopped at a red light and the car beside you starts crawling and you instantly push down harder on your brakes because you feel like you're moving when you're stopped. It's creating that same uneasy feeling.

Astrology says...

That a retrograde is an interruption to normal planetary flow, which can be disruptive to our energetic flow.

Astrologists believe that retrogrades can have a various effect on individuals based on their birth charts. Most people have two or three planets retrograde in their charts at a time. More than three planets can indicate a person who may temporarily be way off from finding their own path.

Metaphysics says...

Everything is made up of energy. We are not solid, but are made up of atoms vibrating at particular frequencies. When retrogrades occur, we experience an energetic pull similar to the moons impact on tides. The vibration changes.

What does this mean?

Basically the main effect of a retrograde is that it's energetic shift leaves us feeling impaired in certain ways, especially when it comes to dealing with any problems we may encounter during that time.

Our chakra system (our personal energy housing) is programmed to purge negativity and heaviness and essentially "reboot" when faced with this pull. Each retrograde triggers different chakras, which causes them to have different effects.

We are naturally wired to flow in perfect harmony, and when that changes, we feel it. We are literally being forced to purge what we no longer need emotionally, so that we can achieve perfect balance again. Unfortunately for us, that means we actually have to deal with our shit.

What are the different kinds of Retrogrades?

Each planet has it's own retrograde. The ones we hear about the most are Venus, Mercury and Mars because they are considered the strongest due to the fact that they all come closer to Earth and penetrate our system. These ones end up feeling more personal and challenging.


Side-effects: Purging, detox, letting go of old ways, moving on.

Chakra: Throat (Communication)


Side-effects: Relationships, self awareness, spending habits.

Chakra: Heart (Relationships, compassion, love, happiness).


Side-effects: Action, willpower, aggression, impatience.

Chakra: Solar Plexus (personal power, self awareness).


Side-effects: Intuition, knowledge, luck, resourcefulness, work ethic.

Chakra: Third Eye (Intuition).


Side-effects: manifestation, karma, freedom, rebellion, long-term planning.

Chakra: Root (personal stability).


Side-effects: Change, technology, electricity, friendships, higher dimensions, investments, health habits.

Chakra: Third Eye (Intuition)


Side-effects: Spirituality, illusion, fantasy, addiction.

Chakra: Crown (Spirituality, awareness)


Side-effects: power, sexuality, death/ resurrection, transformation, wealth/ inheritance, secrets revealed.

Chakra: Sacral (emotions, creativity).

What Can I Do?

Paying attention to each retrograde and your birth chart can help you identify the typical behavior changes that come with it. Being aware can help us see situations more clearly, kind of like taking off those beer goggles.

When the effect of a retrograde has you feeling overwhelmed or confused, the best thing you can do is go inside. Meditate, journal and pay attention to your dreams. All of this can help you release and manifest what you need to become balanced again.

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