About Thistle Lune Candles


We are two cousins with one dream... To create spiritually awakened candles.

We're inspired by self-love, witchcraft, energy healing, tarot cards, moon cycles, early 2000's rap music, and anything high-vibing.

Thistle Lune was manifested while we were on a lunch-date with our Grandma. We shared our desires to create through passion and to spread warmth and love to all of those in need.

The Thistle is the national emblem of Scotland and it represents our Mother's and ancestors who were born there. We incorporate Gaelic names into some of our candles to honor this part of us.

The Lune (Moon) reminds us to surrender to the ebb and flow of our natural cycles. We create all of our candles in sync with the cycle of the moon and our periods. We also have matching crescent moon tattoos, so we thought it was appropriate to incorporate that into our work!

We hope our candles bring you magic, warmth, love, comfort, confidence and passion. Each candle is intentionally thought out based on herbal magical properties and they are reiki'd with your higher self in mind.

Mad Love,

Lisa & Jeanette